Case Study: Village Theatre

Products Involved

Dell Optimax 3080

Apple iPad

Poly Studio P15

VIVO Mobile TV Cart

The Overview

The pandemic hit performing arts groups particularly hard. Village Theatre operates four theaters across two cities all of which have a complex web of needs. Their youth education program, Kidstage, continued to offer classes even while the auditoriums were shuttered. When we started talking to them their perceived solutions were nebulous. All they knew was what they were currently using wasn’t working. They knew they wanted something that was based in Zoom and very simple to use.

The Challenge

With a huge array of users, the technology had to be as simple as possible. A system may very well have up to four seperate users in a day. This combined with mobility and flexibility. A system could be in an auditorium one day and across the street or even across town the next. So any room solution needed to be everything to everyone every day. 

Our Solution

We tackled mobility first. Our cart based Lively Delux fit the bill perfectly. Designed specifically with the studio environment in mind, the Lively can go wherever they may need it to. With a robust cart as its base, everything rolls together and plugs in wherever there’s power.

For ease of use, we worked with their IT team to expand their existing Zoom account to include Zoom Rooms and provisioned the computers as well as the iPads to be exclusively Zoom devices. So no matter a user’s experience level, all they have to do is Walk in, Push Button, Start Meeting.

The Outcome

Happy instructors, engaged students, and systems that go wherever they need them to go.

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