Case Study: Pacific Lighting Systems

Products Involved

Logitech Tap for Teams Rooms

Logitech Rally Bar

Logitech Swytch

Logitech Rally Mic Pod with Hub

The Overview

As one of the Northwest’s premier lighting manufacturers representative, PLS puts a premium on high quality, top of the line, and energy efficient lighting solutions. As they navigated the need to present to manufacturers, architects, contractors, and electrical distributors they discovered a need to have better video presentations. High resolution imaging, clear audio, and intelligent room tracking were all needed. When we asked “What is your biggest challenge with web meetings?” Their answer was: “Providing demos of equipment remotely is difficult, as so many of our product’s capabilities do not translate across video.”

The Challenge

With two meeting rooms across two cities 240 miles apart we had a few primary challenges to overcome. First is their office design aesthetic. The interior design of the offices are beautiful, clean, modern, and leave no room to hide cabling or system infrastructure. Second was the complexity of working on one project with two teams a six hour drive apart. Our third challenge was the system infrastructure we were installing was brand new so lead times for cameras, microphones, and ancillary devices needed to be managed.

Our Solution

First challenge we tackled was working with their office managers and neighboring tenants to confirm we would have access to  run cables and power where we needed them. For the Kent, Washington office we needed to remove their conference room carpet, place a specialized thin pathway to run the carpet from the table location to the wall. Once to the wall we needed to cut holes in both where the pathway met the wall, as well as the TV location where we would mount the control computer, and system hubs. We brought in a local flooring expert to oversee the removal and installation of the carpet tiles while our team worked on fishing the cabling through the walls. The Spokane office had an opposite challenge. There was existing conduit to run the cables but it ran above the drop ceiling and not to the TV location, all of which was nearly twice the distance as the Kent office. For this we fished extra long cables through the walls and through the drop ceiling and to the TV. The next two problems of time and distance were managed together. We prioritized the Kent location as it was closer to our home base. We worked closely with the manufacturer, our distribution partners and the client to manage supply chain, lead times, and expectations. With the technology being as new as it was we knew we were on the bleeding edge so we needed to leave room for testing and a full shake out once the systems were installed.

The Outcome

We couldn’t be prouder and our client couldn’t be happier. The systems function as designed and the 4k cameras deliver the detail and clarity PLS requires. All while maintaining the clean modern look of their interior design

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