With over 45 years of combined event and meeting experience, the Remotely Close team knows what it takes to have a dynamic meeting. Ira and Sean started their careers in technical theatre before meeting while working for a local events company. They took their passion for engaging theatre and applied it to the world of meetings, events, and festivals.

Sean went on to create Travelling Buddha Production, specializing in festival staging, lighting, and production. Ira worked closely with Sean and eventually took over daily operations when TBP was folded into another local stage company. Most recently they worked together in the more subdued but still dynamic world of downtown conferences.

With the needs of the events world having changed as dramatically as they have in 2020, Sean and Ira came together to create Remotely Close. By leveraging technology to apply their focus, experience, and expertise to the best online meeting experience possible, Sean and Ira hope to help bring people together to engage remotely the same way they did in darkened theaters.

Ira and Sean